• Arriving In 2015
    Gift Cards Available

    Our new gift cards can be purchased here as a physical card in the mail or a virtual card via email. Treat your friends and family to the gift of anticipation.

  • Arriving In 2015
    A New Beginning

    This time marks a new beginning, as we are busy moving the Bradstreet Craftshouse experience to 1930 Hennepin Avenue in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis.

    Since 2009 we’ve been revolutionizing the Twin Cities cocktail scene. Creative individuals with unrivaled talent have delivered memorable experiences to our guests. This reputation for excellence in hospitality and dining will continue as many on our team look forward to joining us at our new location.

  • Arriving In 2015
    An Expanded Focus

    Warm, inviting spaces with rich finishes will feel like a living room away from home, while seating for nearly 130 and a much larger kitchen allows for a stronger focus on food with an expansion of the dining menu. Daily service is planned from 3:30 pm to 2:00 am, and we’ll also be adding a weekend brunch.

  • Arriving In 2015
    A Neigborhood Craftshouse

    Exceptional drinks will still be a given, but we’re changing up the programming a little, dropping the pretension that’s become ingrained in the current cocktail scene. Inclusiveness, not exclusiveness, will prevail. Whatever your drink of choice, whether a classic Aviation, dirty vodka martini, craft brew or decadent wine, we’ll get it to you quickly and promise it will be fantastic.

  • Arriving In 2015
    Staying True

    The new Bradstreet, still named in honor of John Scott Bradstreet, a renowned turn-of-the-century Minneapolis designer, will stay true to his philosophy of the "fellowship of all things good".

    And in that spirit, we look forward to welcoming you when we open our doors again in 2015.

    In the meantime, please follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter.